framed souveniers Wanna hear a shocker? We have lived in our house for over six years now and I’m just starting to hang things on the living room walls (gasp!).  Yes,  I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to decorating, I’m a little slow to commit. I think it’s because I hate to hammer nails into a perfectly good wall until I am absolutely certain that whatever I’m hanging is staying there for the long haul…until I move, until I die or until Jesus returns.

vintage tin buttons   I also admit that I am sort of picky when it comes to putting things up on the walls because I want everything in a room to harmonize well. I get a kick out of creating a theme in a room and don’t want things to look odd and out of place.

   It has taken me this long to finally decide to use my living room walls to showcase the small collections that I have been collecting through the years.

frame - cowboys & indian toys   Once I decided what to do with my walls, I had to figure out what color of frames to use – the same or an eclectic mix? I decided to keep them all the same color and to use a black satin finish (not too flat and not too shiny) so that the colorful collections inside would POP!  After this decision was made I then began shopping for the frames and buying the needed supplies for my d.i.y. project.





   I found most of my frames at second hand stores for under $5 each. I removed the hardware and glass, gave each frame a good cleaning then spray painted a coat of primer followed by two coats of black satin.

 square frame $2.99 at Goodwill   frame - primer   frame - black satin

My advice when spray painting: 1. Go outside to spray paint because it’s messy and the fumes are dangerous to breath. 2. Use old boxes as your work table so you can throw them away afterwards (a good way to re-cycle). 3. Don’t spray on a windy or a humid day!

framed toys   framed snowglobes

So far I have seven collections framed and up on the wall and I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying them! My vintage framed collections include (from top to bottom of this post): a beloved record album, USA souvenirs, tin lapel buttons, plastic western toys, old toys & game pieces,  souvenir snow globes and my collection of little plastic men’s shoes.

shoesNow I need to go on a scavenger hunt around the house to find the collections that I’ve been keeping for years – time to get them out of hiding and up on the walls where they will finally be enjoyed!

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