When we remodeled our bathroom I needed something to hang on the wall but I didn’t want to hang just anything on the wall, I wanted my wall art to also serve a purpose.  I gave this much thought and finally came up with the idea to use an old wooden pop crate and to fill each grid with colorful belts and necklaces.

   It took me quite a while to find just the right pop crate since I specifically wanted a white or natural colored one. Once I brought it home I gave the crate a good cleaning (lots of dust and creepy spiderwebs in those grids!). I glued a piece of felt to the back of it then screwed two eye screws to the back and ran a wire through the screws.

   The pop crate now hangs on the wall over my towel rack and it looks just as great as I envisioned it – and it gets rave reviews each time I give a tour of the house.


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